Isn’t this just a popup ice fishing tent or hunting tent?

No, improved design, watertight, taped seams. Increase ventilation, inner lining will reduce internal temperatures and modular connection


How well do they stand up to wind?

They actually stand up very well to wind as its not a flat surface , they come out to a point and are anchored there by a rope. This makes them very stable. They have a beaufort rating of 4-5


Are these good for hot weather

There are 4 total vents on the tent for good airflow which should keep the tent from getting too hot


Will these come in other colors?

Currently we only have red, blue and orange. We will be adding other colors in the future.


What size is the Doorway?




12 month manufacturer


Do you have a Affiliate program?



How hard is it to set up?

Very easy, they can be setup in as little as two minutes


What colors are available?

Currently we have blue, orange, red, green and black


When do they start shipping out?

July/August 2017 for pre-orders from the Indiegogo campaign

August for Pre-orders through our website


What countries do you ship to?

Currently UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand


Where are these manufactured?



Where is the company located?



How many people can these fit?

We have a 2 man, 3 man and 4 man tent


How do the tents connect? Do you need to purchase a connector?

They connect with a tunnel piece. The tunnel is a  separate unit and can connect any size tent, to any other size tent. (For example: it can connect a 2 man tent to a 2man tent. Or, a 4 man tent to a 2 man tents. Ect)


Do the walls get condensation?

The extensive ventilation and treatment of the materials we use means no condensation inside.


What material is the removable ground sheet made of?

The groundsheet is made of the same 300D material as the the rest of the tent but with a enhanced PU coating.


Will this fit on my motorcycle?

Unfortunately they probably won’t. The Dimensions of our 2 person tent in the bag is about 8.5in X 8.5in X 5.05ft


How many tents can you put together?

As many as you'd like. Each Corner can connect to another tent.


What are the current accessory options?

Solar panel that fits into the windows

13,000Mah battery pack

White LED light strips

Multi Colored LED light strips



Was this tent made with burning man in mind?

The main concern people seem to have with this question is dust. We have a fine mesh on the ventilation areas that can be closed off on the inside by a velcro tab which “burning man goers”  seem to think might not be able to keep the dust out but as none of the team has attended the festival and we have not specifically tested for dust, the honest answer is we don’t know.




Weight: 2 person - 14.8 kgs ( 32.65 lbs )               3 Person - 15.1 Kgs (33.3 lbs)               4 Person - 15.8 Kgs ( 34.8 Lbs )




Size in bag:  2man: 21cm X 21cm X 154cm OR 8.27in X 8.27in X 5.05ft

   3man: 21cm X 21cm X 157cm OR 8.27in X 8.27in X 5.15ft

   4man: 21cm X 21cm X 178cm OR 8.27in X 8.27in X 5.83ft



Size fully open

2man: 195cm X 195cm X 215cm OR 6.39ft X 6.39ft X 7.05ft

3man: 210cm X 210cm X 225cm OR 6.85ft X 6.85ft X 7.38ft

4man: 240cm X 240cm X 250cm OR 7.87ft X 7.87ft X 8.2ft


Material: Nylon 300D

Wind rating: Beaufort scale 4/5

Water resistant rating: 4000HH

Fire rating: CPAI 84 Fire treated

Poles: 11mm Fibreglass flexible


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